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Is your business still run on spreadsheets and email ?

Vtiger is an automated CRM system that provides a 360 degree view of all areas of your business covering.

Sales | Marketing | Help Desk | Support | Project Planning | Analytic reporting | Document Tracking | Integration to existing systems

Graphical Dashboards (with drill downs) provide an instant view of exactly how your business is performing

Vtiger is simple, cost effective and extremely powerful


Vtiger CRM works with over 300,000 businesses helping their sales, marketing, and support teams create delightful customer experiences that measurably improve business revenue, customer loyalty, and team performance. This cost effective software can streamline everything from marketing, to sales, to customer service, ultimately improving your customer relationships translate to more sales and a more efficient business at the same time.

And now, signing up for Vtiger on the cloud is incredibly easy – and using it gives you access to the reliability of Vtiger’s premium infrastructure. Vtiger servers are hosted in a local region, on high-availability and security infrastructure like Amazon, giving you blazing fast speeds and top tier security. This helps keep your business running, and your data secure from intrusion. In addition, you’ll never have to maintain your PHP or MySQL versions, and can trust that servers will be continuously optimized to keep your CRM blazing fast.

All Vtiger cloud subscriptions get access to features not available anywhere else – like built-in integrated email marketing, advanced reporting, document management, and more!

While the Vtiger CRM is fast and powerful, it needs to be tailored to work perfectly for your business. Rather than taking time away from your business to understand the system and get it set up, let us help you do it in less than half the time!

Product Info

Vtiger is cloud based and hosted on secure Amazon Servers in Ireland.

Vtiger complies with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.


Tracking from an initial Lead, to Opportunity to Quotation. Through Dashboards and automated reporting, the entire sales cycle is tracked

Help Desk:

Managing customer SLA’s, service calls, managed through Dashboards and automated reporting


Capture Lead profiles, create email marketing campaigns/mailshots and track via Dashboards and automated reporting

If you are interested in hearing more on how Vtiger can radically change your business

(without breaking the bank), please contact us for a no obligation chat and cost estimate.

ITAlliance Computer Services: 49 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town,South Africa

Telephone: +27 021 447 6035